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BIB-201 Scripture & Interpretation

BIB-330 Essential Doctrinal Themes

BHS-252 Leadership Principles/Development

BUS-221 Macroeconomics

ENG-110 Effective Writing

HIS-138 Contemporary America and the World

PSY-110 Introduction to Psychology

SCI-116 Theories on Origins

SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology

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I agree to show respect for the faith commitment that Grace practices and accept that their commitment will be reflected in the curriculum offered for online summer classes. With that understanding I acknowledge my willingness to participate in and engage the curriculum without seeking to alter Grace's faith commitments. I certify that my submission of this application and the answers I have given are true to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I understand that falsifying any part of this application could result in a failure to be admitted or registered.

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