Sparks Endowment (GTS Scholarship) Online Application

The GTS scholarship program is available to Seminary students enrolled in a Masters program of 48 hours or more. It will provide $65 per credit hour for Grace Brethren members and $50 per credit hour for Non-Grace Brethren members. Eligibility may be affected by other types of financial aid received. It is the student's responsibility to report errors to the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to make adjustments to the scholarship amount in the event of an over-award.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

Office of Financial Aid
Indiana Hall (574) 372-5100 x-6162
FAX: (574) 267-5132


  1. The student must qualify as a seminary student in a Masters program of 48 hours or more, this includes online students. The scholarship does not apply to Doctor of Ministry students. See Seminary Department for program eligibility if you have any questions.
  2. Students only need to apply once and, if approved, the scholarship will be automatically applied to their account as long as they are in good standing with GTS financially and academically.
  3. A thank-you note must be completed in the Advancement Office of each academic year the student receives the benefit.

Application Deadlines:

Application deadline for fall semester is August 1

Application Deadline for spring semester is December 1

Personal Information

Current Scholarship Information:

Please list any financial aid you are receiving from outside agencies, including local churches, and the amount you are receiving per semester:

Academic Information

Declaration and Student Approval


Submit this form to the Office of Financial Aid on or before the stated deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

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