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We wish to thank you for your interest in Grace and our educational program. In view of the fact that you are not requested to sign our Christian Commitment of standards, we respectfully ask that you would refrain from any behavior that is in violation of our commitment while on campus. The text of our Christian Commitment is printed below:

Grace College and Seminary holds that:

• The Bible is the fully inspired Word of God, and its teachings are the final authority in matters of faith and life.

• Jesus Christ should be the foundation and center of every individual’s life.

• As life can never be complete without the fulfillment in Christ Jesus and His Word, neither is knowledge complete except as it relates to God’s eternal values.

• An important aspect of Grace College and Seminary is corporate worship and fellowship. Therefore, regular attendance at chapel and Sunday services (in an evangelical church) is required of all full-time students.

• As a part of Grace College and Seminary’s commitment to a distinctive lifestyle and experience, students are to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco, sexual misconduct, gambling, dancing, cheating, theft, coarse or obscene language, or any other conduct inconsistent with the goals and traditions of the school. Further, Grace College and Seminary deplores those aspects of theatre, entertainment media, and literature which are morally degrading; students are to abstain from such activities.

• It should be understood that any behavior which indicates than an enrolled student has little regard to living a life honoring to God, or whose conduct evidences a spirit of disregard for the school standards, will be sufficient reason for disciplinary action or dismissal.

If you desire further details concerning these standards, please contact the office of the Dean of Student Life. We ask that you sign in the space provided, acknowledging that you have read the above pledge and that you will refrain from any prohibited behavior while on campus.

• Note: Admission as an unclassified student does not mean acceptance into a program or degree, nor does it imply the individual will be accepted into either situation.

• A full application MUST be made and acceptance granted PRIOR to an individual entering a specific course.

• Course(s) taken as an unclassified student may apply towards a program or degree if the student is officially accepted at a later date.

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